Let our years of experience guide your business to success in the Health and Nutrition industry.

Market Insights

With deep expertise across most aspects of the health and nutrition industry, Nunesso can inform your organization that it seeks opportunity and leverage to grow successfully. Whether the requirement is due diligence, risk analysis, quantitative opportunity assessment, hardcore strategy, the data to support it, or competitive analysis, our experts can take you to the top and keep you there.

Growth & Channel Strategy

So you’ve committed to growth and have begun to secure your capital. What next?

You’ll need to determine your optimal growth strategy and figure out the size of the prize.

Direct or distribution? Amazon or omnichannel? natural or mass? Practitioner? What’s that? these are the types of questions Nunesso can help resolve, pointing you towards your path to success.

Sourcing & Supply Chain Strategy

Our global expertise and understanding of the where’s, how’s and why’s of ingredient supply and supply chains lets us help you make the right decisions as you grow your business. find the right principals and partners, the optimal manufacturers, CRO’s and analytical labs. Remember, your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link.